Monday, July 02, 2007

Prayers this month - June 07

A shorter list of prayers from this month’s personal times. Not sure why except that I'm going through Genesis right now and I've had more questions and thoughts then prayers from the reading. If you are wondering why I'm putting prayers on my blog please read this.

God you are so massively powerful that I wonder sometimes why you made man (and me) when you could have done so much more - but you choice to do it this way and I say, "THANK YOU!"

God, you know all things and you put into your Word for us “all things” that we need to know to honor you and to take spiritual steps in our lives. Help me understand your Word better so I might be a more useful tool in your hand. Pls

Lord I don't even pretend I understand who these guys (Gen 6:4) are and where they come from. You have them here - in your Word - am I to learn something from here or is this something that you want me to know about but wait to heaven to fully understand.

Lord I want to be moving for you but only when you direct it and it brings me closer to others and/or closer to You.

Lord I want to believe in you like Abram did. How can I do that? Is there something that I must do? Help me see you, Pls.

Lord, I don't want to be like Lot, keep my eyes on you and not the world, tell me where to go or what to do and I will go, I don't want to be a foot dragger, I want to be all about You.

Lord, I know that Abraham was a great man for you but in this reading I find a repeat liar and someone who is more concerned for his own neck than his own wife. Help me understand this better.

Lord, keep me simple in this - You can do anything.

Lord this is a hard concept for my mind to understand (Gen 22:12 MSG), to fear you fearlessly. Help me Lord to understand this or to know what I need to do to fear you fearlessly.

Lord, help me even if grief is on me or sorrow or happiness to be humble as Abraham.

Lord, open my eyes to see how to be used by you - weather to be a doer of quick things or a part of something much longer.

Lord help me understand what I need to understand when you put something into place - like the "butting heads" of two nations while still in the womb - it makes no sense to me but to You I know it does.


Gina said...

That would be "July" :>)
Thanks for being there for me,

Pastormarkee said...

Any time Gina!
This was my prayer list I create from the month of June so thats why I said "June" Thanks for reading my blog

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