Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NYM Conference sum up

I posted what I was looking for concerning this conference and I wanted to put down a short sum up here:

1) The Biggest experience that I know will happen is to just be a part of the whole conference with my wife Lisa. This was awesome. Lisa got a chance to interact with a number youth pastors. They were so kind and interacting that I don't have words to share. Lisa left extremely excited about youth ministry.

2) Connect time with fellow youth ministers and especially with jr hi/middle school ministers. The pictures from the last post shows the chance and interactions I had and it was awesome.

3) To see and interact with new ideas, resources, concepts, prototypes, etc to better impact the youth, parents of youth, and the volunteers I have the privilege to minister with. So many resources were made available that I was blown away. Lisa got a number of recourses given to her that was so awesome.

4) anything else God wishes for me to experiences. God's work in our lives were clearly seen in so many parts of this conference and I can't wait to see how things will play out as we process all of it.

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