Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feb 11 2007 - finish with the conference early

With the unknown of the weather Lisa and I decided to leave the conference early and go stay with her sister (Amber) for the night. The weather looks like it is going to hold off for us until morning and then we will hit the road. We might run through some snow but not too much.

The picture is one of me with Scott Ruben (Willow Creek Elevate) and Kurt Johnston (Saddle Back Wildside). Click on the picture for a short set of picture from the conference.

The end of the conference for us was incredible. Where to even start? We got a chance to go and have an interesting devotional time with Jim Burns sharing to the whole conference and us popping balloons (long story if you want to know shoot me an email and I'll explain it).

Lisa and I then split up and I went to the middle school track and she went to a different track. The middle school track was about how to recruit and encourage sponsors and I'm so glad I was a part of this. I got some great ideas and also confirmed in my mind that what we are doing for our sponsors are the right things to do.

The most coolest part of the whole trip was eating lunch. We were able to hook up with Chris and Haley (which I still cannot believe). But after we hooked up with them we ended up walking with Kurt and Scott as well as some of their good and really cool friends to a place to eat. We ended up following them, found a great place to eat (with no wait for food), and ate with them. Kurt and a couple friends ate at one part of the restaurant but Scott sat with us and we had a wonderful talk. I sat with four people who have influenced me in so many ways:

Lisa - My wife of over 13 years. There are so many things she has done that there isn't enough spaces to put them all on here (ok there is but I can't type all of them and no one will read that much)

Scott - To set with a man who loves middle school kids like Scott is awesome. I have had a chance to see him work with middle school kids and what I saw influenced me so much.

Chris and Haley - two young people who were my genie pigs when I started in full time ministry. They went through so much and taught me so much. I could not be the youth pastor I am today with out their influence.

After our meal, Lisa went to another track and I finished the middle school track. I must say the information I heard has sparked many thoughts for me to process. I have so much more to pray about, think about, and ponder that I will never get through them all. But I will get through some and it is awesome.

I can't wait to get back and set down with Mark Forstrom and talk through this conference.


Laurie said...

Hey!! I was in the Middle School track with you guys...thanks for talking with me, and listening to me in the Bud Lounge!! I appreciated it...tell you wife hello for me!! Laurie (the one on stage Sun night(

Pastormarkee said...

Hey Laurie,

It was a great time for us and I'm glad you enjoyed the conferences as well. Be encourged

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