Saturday, February 10, 2007

Feb 10, 2007 – Late time at the conference

I wanted to just put down some of my thoughts from the day. It was awesome to run into Chris and Haley and to see how they are doing. We are hoping to connect up tomorrow at lunch. Hopefully more to come on this. The conference speaker today was good. She had a lot to say about abstinence and the importance the church must play with this. The most moving part of the day was when I got a chance with Lisa to watch a video documentary (called glue boys) about little boys in Kenya Africa who are addicted to glue. There is a lot there to think through and process. The world is messy. The wonderful part of the whole time is my time with Lisa. We got to enjoy almost the whole day together. Spent time in the middle school minstry part group, got to enjoy the group Salvador together (I had to leave after a few songs because my ears were starting to hurt), watch the video documentary, got about $300 dollars worth of free stuff given to Lisa by Doug Fields (Doug said I can't have touch any of the stuff... hmmmm...), wore matching overalls/flannels together and just experience this conferences together. As I put it to Lisa, “this is the type of memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives.” I have pictures but I’ll post them tomorrow.

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