Friday, December 01, 2006

Sonic is HERE - YEA!

This morning at 6:15am my daughter and I got up, put our close on, and went to the opening of SONIC in Cedar Rapids, IA. I'm crazy about sonic as it was the restruant I grew up with at my home town of Lyons, KS. It was the place to go. Both my brothers worked there (one of them managed it for a number of years), I took a number of dates (in high school) there, and have introduced my wife and family to sonic there. It has a family history with me and I'm excited to have it here so that we can make more memorize.


BruceA said...

Yea, Sonic!

Pastormarkee said...

Yep and it is great to have it here in Cedar Rapids. Thx for posting Bruce and welcome to my little group!

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