Friday, December 08, 2006

First 8th grade night

IMPACT (our jr hi ministry at NCBC) does something really awesome through the school year. About once a month we have 8th grade night (This is our current 8th graders motto and logo). This is the night our 8th graders are completely in charge of the whole night. This year was the first year where we had no adults up front to help the 8th graders lead the group. I've been looking forward to moving IMPACT to the point where 8th graders could completely lead our wed. night program and it has happened and I loved it. Was it perfect and smooth - hahaha - no but it was done with excellence for a group of 8th graders.

Here is how the night went. One of our boys MCed for the night and he open the night with announcements and how the night would go. Then another boy taught us a new dodge ball game that sounded really complicated to start with but was really fun. Then our unleashed worship band lead our group in great worship time. The young lady who lead shared a powerful thought from Tim Hughes. Then two 8th graders shared a powerful message on friendship. That a good friendship has these key parts:

Key 1 - They talk - Prov. 18:24
Key 2 - Similar Interests - The story of David & Jonathon is all about their interests
Key 3 - Faith - Ecc. 4:9,10,12

It was a great night and I'm really excited about what the rest of our 8th grade nights will be like.

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Anonymous said...

What a super idea! You are so creative, Pastor Mark.

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