Sunday, November 26, 2006

First Book Review - LifeFocus by Jerry Foster

I had a chance to read a number of books this last year and I thought it would be a good idea for me to write a short book report on each one of them. But instead of writing book reports for all that I have read last year I've decided to write on the ones I'm reading this year. So here is my first one:

Book Report – lifefocus Achieving a life of purpose & influence, by Jerry Foster w/Ed Stewart.

“We all must choose which path we will take on our journey through life.” This is how Jerry Foster finishes this wonderful book. It is a book with lists and ideas about how to “vector” your life in a influential way. One can choose to do this (a life of influence) or choose to have a life of indifference or indulgence. Jerry’s point is influence is the best way to go because it has lifelong returns while the other two takes away from any returns at life’s end. He shares that these vector directions in life can play out in one’s “life experience portfolio.” This portfolio is divided into five dimensions of life wealth: Financial, Relational, Physical, Intellectual, & Spiritual. How one works with each of these life wealths will decided how one will finish life – one of indifference, indulgence, or influence.

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Thank you for posting book reviews! Very helpful.

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