Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 3 of The tri-state tour

Ouch!! There has been some great memories today in a very interesting way. Many of the kids have had some ouchies of some kind happen today. The ouchies were caused by enjoying some awesome time on the beach. On the beach there are a number of fun things to do. Please check out Lake Williamson web site ( to see all about it.

Hey this is Morgan Galle pastor mark handed me the computer because we are kind of stuck in the activity center due to a storm, and tons of lightening strikes, but everything's fine. First of all, we all pretty much woke up 5 minutes before breakfast, because six flags was very tiring and for most of the adults, full of bruises. After breakfast we had fun with putt putt golf and the ropes course. Then by lunch everyone was ready for some fun in the sun at the beach. This is when most of the "ouchies" (according to pastor mark) started. The beach was a ton of fun, there were a variety of different things to do there. By supper everyone was very red, but I believe it was worth it. We were suppose to have smores and worship at a bonfire tonight, but we are going to be staying inside, thanks to some very smart sponsors who don't think it's wise to have all 70 some of us to be out in the storm at a bon fire when it's much safer inside and you can still worship God just the same(i don't blame them). So, as you may have been able to figure out, our third day of the tri-state tour has been very eventful, and very very fun.
-Morgan Galle


Kim Pagel said...

It's been fun reading and keeping up on the events of your summer trip! Thanks for taking the time to post on your blog.

Pastormarkee said...

Kim - Thanks for reading. It's nice to know some one is reading this.

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