Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 2 of The tri-state tour part 2

Here is part 2 of day 2 of the tri-state tour trip. I have Jeremy, Jed, and Alex with me to tell you what we did yesterday.

Pastor Mark - What was one of the funniest things you did yesterday?

Jeremy - ummmm... probably the Boss. The Batman was really cool to.

Jed - ummmm... I went on some rollercoaster. I liked the log rides because I got so wet. The food was also good.

Alex - I already said stuff about yesterday on the last post. Here at Lake Williamson I really enjoy the basketball and racquetball.

Jeremy - yea the food here at Lake Williamson is really good too.

Cassandra just joined me to tell me about what was one of her highlights of yesterday.

Cassandra - doing the Tidal Wave 9 times and getting soak'n wet. It was really cool. The weather has been awesome. We also got Mark a tattoo on his neck. We wanted to put it on his for head but they wouldn't let us (Mark's glad for that as well). LOL!! it was a lot of fun.

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