Monday, May 08, 2006

The Acts series

We started a series on ACTS a few weeks ago and I've been interested in what the reaction the kids will have about doing a textual study. We've done some textual study in the past (book of John was the last) but this one we are covering the book more than before. My teacher (Tim) is doing a great job and really has spent a lot of time preparing for this. We have already gone 4 weeks and so far we haven’t lost steam. I'm trying to think through ways to evaluate this message to see the effectiveness of it since it is 10 weeks long.

We also put together a video series for the kids to watch on Wed. nights. This hasn't gone over so well. We watched a whole 40 minutes of video on the first two nights which really didn't go well for the kids. But the last time we did it we showed two short clips and then Tim shared some thoughts. This seemed to go over a lot better for the kids. We have one more showing (was to be an hour long) and I hope that we can finish well with this.

Some ideas:
How do I evaluate this series as a whole and in peaces?
Is this the most effective way to share God's truth to the kids?
If we only had 4 weeks to share this what would we do (in only 6 weeks)?
How do I get input from the kids to get their thoughts?

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