Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sponsor hunt (another great game)

I shared at the recent Purpose Driven Youth Ministry conferences this blog and thought I should keep it up to date more. We will see....

But the reason I shared this location was I wanted any youth pastor who was looking for a great run around game to do with his/her youth. I shared the game Aliens (see below) which is a great game.

I just got done with another great outing with my jr hi group. We went to a local mall and did a sponsor hunt. The sponsors (adult volunteers) hide themselves through out the mall and the youth had to go and find them. Pretty simple outing but the jr highers loved it. When we were back they were talking about where the sponsors were at and how hard it was to find them.

We had two boys who had their parents as sponsors and neither boy found their parents. There will be some talk this week in their homes as the boys were sure they would have no problem find their parents.

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