Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More on Mess Fest

We are 1 1/2 weeks out from Mess Fest and things are coming together but we are still needing some help.

We are looking for Station groups (5 in fact of 10). This is where the fun & messiness happens. Explanation of stations - The object of each station is to be unique in making two groups of kids messy but not to gross the kids out. This messiness could use messy material like mud, chocolate syrup, or wet bread. Use any messy material to create an activity that kids can do in 10 minutes. Examples of a messy activity could be an oatmeal hunt where kids have to find marbles in a pool of oatmeal. Please use your imagination to create a memorial messy activity. There is a rotation system that will bring two different groups of kids to your station ever 10 min. Each station will run its activity 10 times with one break through out the event. Each station needs to be set up and ready by 12:45pm.

We are also needing Team Captains. Alot of the churches invovled will have their own team captains, but there is a real possablility we will need more. Team captains - Are adults who will be responsible for a team of kids (up to but no more than 20). This person will cheer on their team, participate in all stations (you will get messy), take their team from one station to the next (this rotation will be given to the team captain at Mess Fest), and make sure their team follows the simple rules for each station. Team captains need to be a Valley View by 12:15pm for final briefing & prayer.

I'm looking for help from my church body but we will have to wait and see if it will get filled out.

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