Monday, March 06, 2006

Mess Fest 2006

Well Mess Fest will be here again and this 2006 event is going to be great. I decided to put the main purpose for the mess fest here since I will be giving out this web site to different people to find out more about it. Enjoy the read:

A massive community wide activity where jr hi kids (6,7,8 grade) get to play extremely messy games that are not gross. Its focus is to get the kids to see three key realities about sin:

1) That their sins are real (as real as the messy stuff they have all over them)
2) That they cannot remove that sin on their own (just like they can’t just remove the messy stuff on them)
3) That Jesus’ blood is the only thing that can wash away their sins (just like a good water bath will wash away the messy stuff on them).

There will be a number of teams of 20 kids per team. Each team will have the opportunity to participate in most but not all the messy games.

The dates for the fourth annual Mess Fest is: May 20th from 1-4pm (rain date: June 3rd)

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