Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oct. 8th serving

I know I'm late on this sorry about that.

The idea that I must serve others is something for me that hasn’t ever been difficult to do. I remember one time when in high school I was a lowly freshman sitting with two seniors. The one seniors was asking me questions about being a freshman (really he was just picking on me) when he dropped his pencil on the floor. I didn’t really think about it but picked it up for him and went back to my reading. Well a few seconds later the pencil was on the floor again. Again with out thinking about it I just picked it up. Well this went on for 3 minutes until the other senior looked at me and said, “stop picking that up.” We laughed about it and that was that. But that was the start of when I wanted to serve just to serve because I enjoyed it and received joy from doing it. Lord may I never stop serving others.

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