Monday, October 31, 2005

Oct. 31 New truths

Its interesting sometimes to just read scripture over and over again it never seems to get old or duel. I’ve read a book series called the Chronicles of Narina many times and enjoy reading them. But all the times I’ve read it after the first reading there is something different about it. I know what will happen at the end of the book, I’m not so focused on what is going to happen next because I already know, the characters in the book are know to me and I’m not surprised when Aslan shows up. But when it comes to the Bible I find new truths from it almost every time I read it. It’s like a new part of the story has come alive in the Bible that I didn’t see before. John 3:1-8 is a story many people have read many times, sermons have been written and do with it, and many conversations have happen because of what it says. Yet, there is something different about it each time it is read and can impact us every time we read it. For me I will keep reading the Bible until I can’t, then I’ll have someone else read it for me, until the day comes that I face my Lord. Lord my I always find new truths from you in your Word (the Bible).

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