Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oct. 27 Jesus's home my heart

Would I receive Jesus into my life if He would come on earth physically and introduce Himself to me? This is a question I often ask myself. I would I react and if I would let Him into my life what part(s) of it would He not be happy about? The question today: What areas of my life have I not welcomed Jesus into? goes hand and hand with these other questions. The verses (Jn 1:9-13) talks about how Jesus made each one of us, that He came & lived with us, but yet we did not recognize Him and we did not recognize Him and rejected Him. I believe that I would be open and willing to let Him into my life (which by the way is what I have done and all should do) and that He would (as He has many years ago) start to clean my heart one step at a time. There is a great little book out that Robert Boyd Munger wrote called “My Heart Christ’s Home” that really sums up this whole idea (here is a link to it: ). Lord thank you for being in my Heart and a part of my life.

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