Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Week 2 of "Evangelism Expedition" with the IMPACT group

This last Wednesday night (Oct. 26th) for “Evangelism Expedition” we took a bus ride. Here was the details of the second part of the "Evangelism Expedition:" The IMPACT room was the “Bus Terminal” students and sponsors will arrive and pick up their Trip Tickets and had the “week two” page ripped out of them by our friendly bus attendants. We be showed a video loop of event announcements and “what to expect” for next week while everyone was checking in. We loaded up all three buses on off we went. Our first stop was the Target parking lot where we did a fun China's fire drill. The laughing and running was great and fun to do.
After our little fire drill we went to Bowman Woods School and sat on the hill in the back of the school. Each sponsor was given a tiki torch and which gave just enough light to see Tim up front sharing.

Tim then shared the idea that we need to go into our neighborhood to be a light for them. The bus trip was to helped represent this idea to the group.

Tim went on to share his conversion to Christ and his overwhelming desire to share Christ with his family. Tim then lead the group in a prayer to receive Christ as Lord and three students raised their hands to show that they received Christ. WOW!!
We loaded up the buses and headed back to NCBC. The Brain Scrachers ran a game on the bus as we drove home that was fun and each group enjoyed it.
We arrived at NCBC around 8:10pm and the students went home excited about what they heard and looking forward to what will happen the next week.

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Amy Lewis said...

what a wonderful experience. I was really touched by Tim's message. The myths about christianity and your neighborhood are so true. You are not alone. Popularity is not what you are really seeking. I can't wait until our Evangelism Expedition next week!!!

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