Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oct 25 the Word

Sometimes I can just get blown away by how the Holy Spirit works. Here is the verse for today: John 1:1-2. Sunday Pastor Bob’s text verses was John 1:1-14 and my small group that meets on Monday nights looked over John 1:1-14. Wow! Then yesterday we Sarah K and I have been blogging to each other about how often we should pray especially when it comes to praying for forgiveness of our sins and the book, “Live like a Jesus Freak,” that we are going through says, “Pray all the time” on page 33 which is where we are reading right now. When I have seen the Holy Spirit work like this in the past I have seen awesome opportunities to be used by God to do His work. I want to be ready. In John we learn that Jesus has been around from the beginning and that He was (and is for that matter) God. He is the eternally Word for us. Lord my I read your Words day by day.

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