Monday, October 24, 2005

Oct. 24 heart attitude

The idea that two men who probably didn’t have the greatest of lives on this earth had two different reactions to Jesus says a lot to me. I’ve had the chance to meet a number of people in my life and plan on meeting many more as I continue this journey that I am on. One of the more interesting types of people I have met is those who we consider “poor.” I remember people who were very upset to be asked to do anything that seemed like work and others who wanted so much to help but physically can’t. The difference between them and the two thieves on the crosses was the heart attitude they had. I recall a discussion I had just recently with a jr. high boy about the words conditional and unconditional. I explained to him what the words meant, and we saw that the real difference between these is the heart behind what the person was doing. If we have a desire love sincerely, then our hearts have to be willing to do things for others with no strings/conditions attached. In other words, we need to have an agape heart. Lord, help me to love others as You do-- with no strings attached.

(thx to my wonderful wife who edited this post for me)

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Sarah said...

Hey!! I'm commited to doing this!

In answer to this questoin, I don't have a good one. I don't say "God, forgive me" for every sin I do, but I do sometimes. I just say sorry to that person and move on. I don't stop and ask God to forgive.I guess I figure that by saying sorry to that person I'm saying sorry to God also. Thats my thoughts, but I wrote more on my entry

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