Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oct 26 My simple testimony

What a great question to share my simple but eternal life changing experience. I was 7 years old. I had gone to my mom (Linda Eades) and asked her about baptism and why I should get wet like that. She sat me down and shared that baptism is our first act of obedience as Christian to show an outward example of what had happen to us on the inside. She then asked if something had changed on the inside for me. I thought about that and said I wanted to have something change in me. My mom then shared with me the truth that we had made a horrible mistake and turned away from God, we call that sin. Because of this we all are destined to hell (a place that we would go to at death that would completely separate us from God for all of eternality). When I heard this I didn’t fully understand it but knew my mother’s heart and her desire to be honest with me. She went on to explain that because of our sin God sent His son to die for my sins (the only way that sin could be totally wiped out). I was exited then because the idea there was a way to forgive sin had to be a good thing. I asked, “how does that help me?” She said that we could accept Jesus’ death as a gift to us for removing sin. That we could call upon Jesus to forgive us our sins (since He paid the ultimate price for sin he can do that). I said, “ok” and prayed a simple prayer to have Jesus in my life. I went on to be baptized that next week. That was really the start of my life journey to know and understand God better day by day. I just slowly grow more in love with Him daily. That is my simple story and one that I’m so glad that happened to me. Lord, help me daily grow closer to you.

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