Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mission Trip to Mexico cont July 10 and final report

July 10th: Well the finally leg of the trip is on us and we are just outside of Des Monies, IA. It has been an interesting adventure with many wonderful experiences and memories that we will recall through out our lives. I’m really looking forward to going home and seeing all that has happen at our home but I’m also wishing I could have brought my whole family down there to help those who need some much more than we could ever imagine. The video has been a trick. Last night I was able to render out the video and Mark and Lisa were able to look at it and give me some good suggestion on how to make it just that much better. I redid the editing with their suggestions but the power for my lab top is not able to keep it working long enough to render it out. I will try once more when my computer is fully powered and hope for the best. If not then we will have to use the one that doesn’t have Mark and Lisa’s suggestions on it. It really has been a great trip and I’m looking forward to sharing with the church about it all. Thank God for all He does for me I pray that I will be able to honor Him with my continued life.

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