Sunday, February 03, 2013

When messy doesn't always mean bad

Today in youth group we tried something and it worked - kinda.  We use tables in our group - it works great for the kids to stay a little more focused and gives a leader (we call a sponsor) a group of middle school kids to interact with.  The problem with tables is the middle schoolers love to make a miss.  We use handouts, flyers, pens, pencils, candy, etc and at the end of the time most of the tables have many of these items left behind but torn up, chewed up, or just destroyed in some way.  So today we asked them to clean up after themself and they did - kinda.  Most of the tables had a few things left on them but nothing like they did before and what was left was interesting.  There were peaces of candy wrappers or 1/2 a pencil but there was also notes with a Bible vrs on it or 1/2 a thought of a teacher shared.  So it was a good time to catch that some of the middle schoolers are getting something and it was the "messy" they left behind that helped us see that.

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