Monday, January 07, 2013

Simple Thoughts - Remember When moments

A long time ago I tried to post some simple thoughts that I had/have. I've been thinking about starting those up again as I've been finding myself with simple thoughts again. So here is the start of something old - again.

"Remember when" moments - this is something I've talked about ever since I've been here at New Covenant Bible Church. It's the idea that every time I spend time with middle school students (or anyone for that matter) there is a chance to create "Remember when" moments. Weather I'm doing something silly like having a snow ball fight or teaching a group of 6th grade guys how to stand on chairs or coaching a 7&8 grade girls’ basketball team there will always be a chance to create "Remember when" moments.

To me there are three main reasons to create these moments:
1) To give middle school students an "in" for a future conversation. How many times when I was a middle school student did I want to say something to a friend or an adult but was too scared to because I didn't want to start it acquired.  I did have some great talks with some people because I was able to use a "Remember when" moment from our past to start talking with them - "Hey Jim you remember when we played that game on the Atari...” (yea I know that was a long time ago)
2) To give an adult a way to start a talk with a middle school student. Not only do middle school students not want to seem acquire the adults who want to care and love on them don't want them to feel acquired (or for them to feel acquire). "Hey Johnny do you remember when you hit me in the face with a snow ball..."
3) It also can give the Holy Spirit mental "fodder" to help a student or adult remember when he moved in their lives through others. "My son do you remember when I shared through the pastor about your choice to follow me..."

Just some simple thoughts I was thinking.

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