Monday, June 06, 2011

May 2011 prayer

This last months time in the Lord's Word has been very interesting to me. These prayers reflect some of my thoughts that I brought and still bringing to the Lord:

Lord, there are days that I really don't understand my fellow man - open my eyes to what I need to see.

Lord, I want to know your word so that my insides will be clean as snow.

Lord, I beg you change me from the inside out. And if it is only the inside that changes and no one sees that - may that be my prayer!

Lord, may your kingdom be in me always.

Lord, I want to be a little child in your kingdom - pls open my eyes to see you as a child sees you.

Lord, may I be a delight to you as my children are to me.

I pray that I open my heart to fully hear You.

Lord, open my eyes to those I should see and not just pass them by

Lord, may I honor you with all that I have.

Lord, may I not miss the different miracles you have done - even today.

Lord, there are times where I need a firm look from you to hear you - open my eyes to read that in your word and respond.

Lord, may you find me with fruit in my hands rdy to give you at all times.

Lord, I'm scared that I'm going to misrepresent you.

Lord, open my eyes to your word each day so that I might grow in it for your glory.

Lord, keep my eye on what is forever and not on what is temporary.

Praise be to you Lord for giving me the Words I need to say when they need to be said.

Lord, what I'm to learn help me learn - the rest I can do without.

Lord, your words will last forever - may I share them that way.

Lord, open my eyes to the truth and may I not run from it but turn it over to you.

Lord, may people know your truth from the young.

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