Monday, May 02, 2011

April 2011 prayer

These are my simple prayers to the Lord after each of my devotional times this past month.

Lord, open my eyes to see how to pray to you.
Lord, May I listen to your words and obey them – bless me Lord to do that.
Lord, you light in me - make it ever brighter.
Lord, I need your wisdom to take the next step.
Lord, open my eyes to why you have given to me what I have & what you want me to do with it - I want to be a good steward of all that you have given me.
Lord, help me to balance prayer, care, & share so that care doesn't overcome the other 2.
Lord, use me.
Lord, may I be fruit producing.
Lord, thank you for playing by your rules, help me to understand what I need to so I might be a player for you.
Lord, I hear your word but I don't always obey it - I'm sorry lord forgive me please.
Lord, may you help me understand your blessings.
Lord, may I evaluate all that you have given to me & may I put it out your feet.
Lord, change me.
Lord, there are days that I really don't understand my fellow man - open my eyes to what I need to see.

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