Monday, July 12, 2010

Prayers and Review of June 2010

As I started this month’s prayers I had the difficult privilege of officiating a funeral and at the end this month’s prayers I had the difficult privilege of officiating a funeral. It has been an interesting time of praying to my Lord - He has allowed me to learn & grow & I’m thankful.

Lord, my I look at your Word and learn all that I can about you.

Lord, I need my mind open each day to your Words of truth and love - help me PLS

Lord, may I search out and find wise council as I think about what my next big steps in life will be.

Lord, may I listen to your wisdom & then follow her with all that I have.

Lord, I need your discernment concerning wisdom - may I long for it because of You.

Lord, open my eyes to see how it is best to honor you and give to who needs to be given to.

Lord, I long for your wisdom to be placed in my heart even more - show me how to do that.

Lord, as the sun raises today I want to thank you - may your wisdom rise in my as well.

Lord, open my eyes to see your ways and be guided by your wisdom.

Lord, I'm sorry that I so often sin against you – thx for forgive me.

Lord, thank you for parents and their dedication to raise their kids right.

Lord, you are the wonderful Father.

Lord, help me to turn my heart away from those things that you hate & toward things you love.

Lord, I need you to keep from being simple and foolish - open my heart to understanding of you better.

Lord, I need you more than ever - help me to listen and wait on you.

Lord, make I never be a scoffer but a wise man ready to receive rebuke so that I might be better at being Mark Eades for God.

Lord, Your wisdom is so much greater than mine - may my lips be used by you today.

Lord, may my words share your love & truth to all I'm around.

Lord, may I help Your body work together to move your love and truth forward.

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