Monday, November 02, 2009

Prayers and Review of Oct 09

Spending time in October and November to read through John in KJV. I like looking at a number of different translations of the Bible because I believe it makes me think and strengthens me. These prayers came from of my reading so far:

Lord, may I be holy because you are holy

Lord, may you be my life so your light may shine from me.

Lord, may I be only who you want me to be and no other.

Lord, may I follow your order of things.

Lord, may I receive your truth always - may it penetrate deep into me.

Lord, may I desire spiritual food over physical food.

Lord, may you stir my heart so that I might follow you even more.

Lord, I want to be all about you.

Lord, thank you for all the miracles you have done and are going to do - may I always remember it is to bring you glory that they are being done

Lord, may I come to you when you call - even if you are calling me to walk on water.

Lord, I don't even pretend to understand you but I know that I desire you with everything I have - may I never stop chasing after you.

Lord, may your spirit flow over & out of me.

Lord, my I pay attention to you

Lord, may I hear you the first time and act as you want me to.

Lord, may I only follow you - my Father.

Lord, you are I am.

WOW!! Lord, thank you for my mind may I use it only for you.

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