Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mag report - GROUP (Nov - Dec 2009)

The newest GROUP magazine has come out and I’ve got some thoughts about it.

Something I liked: Rick Lawrence and GROUPS “exclusive Survey report” has some great thoughts from this past year’s survey. I strongly agree with the idea that our kids (and everyone really) need to have a real and personal relationship with Jesus to grow. I loved what he said after reading John 6:55, “A lot of people, not just teenagers, who want to merely fit Jesus into their lives, are repelled when they learn the price for following him…everything.” As I said on this GROUP mag post – “The need for our middle schoolers to understand their need for Jesus in their regular daily life is so key to them taking spiritual steps forward.”

???: Jeff Dunn-Rankin’s “lost at school” article made me think but also go “huh??” I like where he went on this article but I think there is so much more that needs to be done to help kids who have “behavioral challenges” then what was said. I know this is just an article but I wish there was more urls to look at then just a book recommendation in this article.

Key Statement: Rick Lawrence said this in his review of the exclusive survey report, “Give kids practice, practice, practice in articulating their faith. The best way to do this as a regular part of your ministry “diet” is to talk way less while asking way more questions.”

Creative idea: I didn’t know about this resource but I do now thanks to GROUP mag,


Rondell said...

Can somebody please explain twitter to me? To me it sounds like bird speak or something. Rondell too busy trying to answer phones at work to listen to any tweeting toodle doo too! Ugh.

Mark E. Eades said...

Hey Rondell, Thx for posting a comment on my blog. To answer your question I would say twitter is micro-blogging. Hope that helps.

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