Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Prayers and Review of Jun/Jul 09 - 1st update

I'm in catch up and review mode. I've got a chance to finish looking over my key questions from my last 3 years of devos. There has been a lot of new thoughts and ideas that have come up and I have a lot more to think about. I'm both overwhelmed and excited that God has allowed me to go deeper into His word like never before in my life. I pray that this will continue even more. Here are some key prayers I have written down based on my review:

Thank you Lord, for coming to the earth and being a model for us to live by.

Lord, you are so much greater than my feeble mind can fathom.

Lord, may I plow ahead, not turning back, but looking forward to all that you have for me to do today.

Lord, may I become much more faithful as your servant.

Lord, keep me from focusing too much on my outside & not my inside.

Lord, show me how to use what you have given me to its fullest so that you might be glorified.

Lord, I’m your servant and you are my master, may you see fruit from me and may those around me see it also.

Lord, you know all things and you know what is best for me – open my eyes to what is best not only for me but for others around me as well.

Thank you Lord for helping me understand your Word better – may that never stop.

Lord, thou I don’t understand everything I do know this – you are in me and I thank you for praise you for that.

Lord, may you come in your perfect timing.

Lord, you know all things and will make all things new someday – may you find me praising you when that day comes.

Lord, I am yours, my I enjoy what you have given me.

Lord, you are my glory and all I have is yours – open my eyes to see what I need to do with the things you have given me.

Lord, may I follow your Word as the Holy Spirit teaches me.

Lord, may my heart always be soft to you and to your word.

Lord, thank you for being there for me no matter where I’m at.
Lord, I am all yours – may I be totally focused on you – always.

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