Monday, August 10, 2009

Middle School Week by YS

Youth Specialties is honoring middle school ministry this week with a week focus on middle school ministry on their blog called "middle school week." I'm writing this at NCBC's awesome Kid's camp that we put on each year. I take advantage of this camp to get connect with some of the new incoming 6th graders. This brought two thoughts to my mind and I hope this encourages you as it does me:

1) Long team is key to successful middle school ministry. Setting here seeing the team that is working these very young kids (2nd - 5th grade) is just awesome. I know almost every kid working that is here because they had been a part of middle school ministry.

2) You can have high expectations on your middle school kids - you just have to do it slowly and individually. Here at camp we have a number of middle schoolers who have a lot of work to do to make this camp function. There are some really high expectations on them and they are doing awesome - but I wouldn’t have asked most of them to do what they are doing last year. They are maturing and they are maturing quickly if we keep the expectations balanced and help focus them on Christ - watch out! they are going to rock.

Thanks YS(check out their web site here) for recognizing this great group of kids and may every middle school/jr hi guy/gal out there know they are awesome in my book!

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