Monday, May 04, 2009

Prayers and Review of April 09

As I said in my last prayer update post – I’ve been reading over some of my past journals to see what God has been doing in my life. Most of the prayers I have down are from that reading, but at the end of this prayer list I share some of my prayers from a different devo I’ve started. I’m going through GROUP's “Breathe – devotionals for the youth worker’s soul.” I haven’t done a book devo in almost 4 years and I’m curious and experimenting with this – time will tell what results will come from it.

Prayers from my personal prayer journal review:

Lord, may your refining begin soon.

Lord, may you never stop refining me – even when it hurts please do it.

Lord, I long for the day when you do the “great winnowing” but I pray that all those you have given me a chance to share life and your truth will be with me.

Lord, may I listen carefully and respond as my heart leads to you.

Lord – may my life be less and less about me and more and more about you.

Lord, thank you for helping me understand your word better – keep it up pls.

Lord, may I be ready always for you.

Lord, I need your guidance on balance between firm and humble – I don’t have a good one right now.

Lord, help me to see the difference between selfishness and honoring you.

Lord, to just think through and possible see how I have been transformed into your image more each day would be incredible.

Lord, it seems like no matter where I go people with power (even your people) get corrupted by it – don’t give me any power please.

Lord, help me see how to use your Word to discern life as Peter did.

Lord, I have so many questions and it seems every time I look for answers I get more questions than answers – is that ok?

Lord, may you keep getting stronger and may I keep humbly before you as this happens.

Lord, open my mind and my heart to your truth. Help me find the answers I’m searching for in your Word – Pls.

Lord, change me to be the best Mark Eades you want me to be.

Lord, open my eyes to your truth and may I not gainsay against it.

Prayers I’ve written based on the “Breathe” devo book:

LORD, you know how you made me and I want to be the Mark Eades you want me to be on this earth. May it be so – Amen!

Abby Father – you are my lord and savior – you have been molding my life into an instrument that can be maximized to impact others – but there is so much more to do – Lord keep molding me pls.

LORD, there are days that I feel warn out – help me to enjoy those days. There are days that I’m energized – may I use that energy up honoring you. Show me how to wear myself out for your glory.

LORD, thank you for making me – help me to see Mark Eades the way you see me and may I keep that image in my head so that I will think about the spiritual world more than the physical world.

LORD, help me to take the next step in my life – to honor you as a man, a husband, a father, and a middle school guy – show me the way LORD, pls.

Lord, I feel like I’m in a season of life that is so wonderful – I’m learning, growing, humbly coming before you asking nothing but for you to use me. May that be my prayer no matter how things change – you be glorified always.

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