Monday, May 04, 2009

Mag report - YOUTHWORKERS Journal May/Jun 2009

I usually get GROUP magazine in earlier than YOUTHWORKERS Journal but this time YOUTHWORKERS got to me first - so I’ve read through it. I have to say this was one of the best YOUTHWORKERS I’ve read yet. Here are some thoughts:

What I liked: I’ve been a big fan of Mark Oestreicher (Marko) for many years. He shares a passion I have for 11-14 year olds. His article “The Feedback Void” puts into words thoughts I’ve been wanting to express to my sponsors (our adult volunteers) here at NCBC. I’ll be using this article to help create a language we can use during our trainings – thx Marko.

???: I really like the info from Richard Flory and Donald E. Miller on Innovators, Appropriators, Resisters, and Reclaimers but I’m struggling to see much use in my ministry setting. I’m sure it is just me but after all the highlighting I did I really didn’t pull something from it and I really thought I would.

Key statement: “A video can’t take the place of a caring adult who knows the unique needs of the youth attending the study.” This was a great statement in the article “The curriculum challenge help in choosing the best tools for youth group” I’m glad YOUTHWORKER put it in there.

Something creative: As I said at the start of this post I really like the mar/apr journal & one big reason was the focus shared in many articles of creating questions for the kids to work through instead of just lecturing them. I’ve been trying to do some of that for a couple of years and now I have some more creative ideas that I’ve found in this magazine for me to try out.

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