Monday, April 06, 2009

Prayers and Review of March 09

This past month I started something new for my personal devotional times. I had over 22 pages full of questions, thoughts, concerns, etc from my past 2 years of personal devos in God’s word (click here to see how I started that). I wanted to spend time with the Lord again looking at those key ideas/questions I had and see if I have taken spiritual steps forward in my personal life. Wow, this has been an incredible month of review. I spent even more time in prayer about all of this and I put down a few of them here for me & you to read again:

Lord, may every good deed I do be seen as something you did and not me.

Protective Father, please defend us as we serve you with everything we have.

Lord, help me fulfill the requirements you talk about in Titus so that I might be found useful for your kingdom.

Lord, your time line is perfect and our faith is made complete through You only – thank you for working in our lives.

Lord, thank you for your word – may it penetrate every part of me both physically and spiritually.

Lord, as you gather people to your place who desires to honor you may I be one. I humble ask this of you – thx.

Lord, may your words be clearly presented to your wonderful children.

Lord, May I constantly put myself into your hands so that you might be glorified and I won’t sin.
Lord open my eyes to see what I must guard for you.

Lord, may I never shed the blood of an innocent man for He is made in your image.

Lord, nothing is impossible for you, may nothing be impossible for me as long as I’m in your will.

Lord, open my eyes to what you want me to see so that I might do what you want me to do.

Lord, may I be an example in and for the church to not drag our feet but to run to you.

Lord – don’t let me stay in sin but deliver me.

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