Monday, July 07, 2008

prayers this last month - Jun 08 - Flood of 2008 month

I've had a chance to read over my devotional journal from last month and there is so much going through my mind. The flood of 2008 will be one for the history books for centuries and I can only think of all those people who are affected by it. I praise God that here in CR there were no flood related deaths and I believe a large part of the reason that is true is because of what the churches of the city did. They came together under the banner of "serve the city" and did just that - served the city at its greatest need. There is a lot more ahead of us (truth is the recovery is only starting) and I know the church will be there. Below are my simple prayers I wrote throughout the month as I read through II Corinthians:

Lord, thank you for sending your son to die so that I might live a new life for you.

Lord, my all see you through this hard time and open there eyes to your truths.

Lord, as we suffer through this time my you use us to come along others to pray, care, and share with them.

Lord, thank you for always being there and that we can always rely on you all the time.

Lord, pls keep me focused on you so that I might follow after you just that much better.

Lord, I want to share Your truth honestly – help me to do that with a humble heart.

Lord, open my eyes to Your truth even if I don't understand - for then you can mold me and grow me more.

Lord, you bless us so much, you pour yourself out to us so much so, thank you Lord for loving us so much.

Lord, no matter what is happening or where things are at you are all ways here - thank you Lord.

Lord, help me to be a person who is watched by the world and they only see you.

Lord, my I turn towards you no matter what the situation I'm in. Open my eyes to see you in all things.

Open my eyes to the needs around me Lord and may I do whatever You placed me here on this earth to do with all I have.

Lord, open my eyes to things you have started in my life that you want me to finish - and may I do it and do it well.

Lord, may you pour out your blessings on this group so that people will see you and not us.Lord, may people hear & know You not me.

Lord, open my eyes to your leading and may I follow it and not me - may I lead your way only.

Lord, open our minds to what you have planned today to be as weak as possible so you might be even stronger.

Lord, forgive me of my self-fulfilling attitude. Humble me Lord, mold me into what you want Mark Eades to be.

Lord, help me to test and have regular spiritual checkups with you. May you find me humbly before you always.


MissInterpreted said...

Thank you for posting this prayer online! I love reading prayers and have a prayer book of my own that I turn to now and again. Where exactly is this prayer locate? I would like to look it up.

Mark E. Eades said...

thx for the comment missinterpreted but I'm not sure I understand your question. These are just prayers I say after I do my daily devos and I then post them.

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