Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mag report - YOUTHWORKERS Journal July/Aug 2008

The new issue of YOUTHWORKER Journal has some great thoughts for me to consider. It concentrates on Volunteers which is always an import part of my ministry. I’m grateful that there are others out there who are willing to share their ideas of how to help, train, improve, love, etc. on volunteers.

What I liked: There are some great articles on volunteers and it has been hard for me to choice only one that I liked but I think Danette Matty’s “Thou Shalt Care” article wins. She shares 11 commandments that leaders should do to show care to their volunteers. Ideas like always encourage, let them share ideas, remind them about their purpose, and pray for them are just a few she shared. One big take away I got from this was to “plan a connecting time once or twice a year with just you and us – your leaders – at which we stuff our faces, tell funny stories, and play together.”

???: Dr. Steve Vanegriff shared a wonderful list on IDing Intergenerational leaders for people like me to use. One of his ideas I think is really hard to do for anyone who hasn’t been a parent of a teen. He suggests to look for people who “thinks like a parent, even if not one” and I think that is over the top. I liked the spirit of this thought but I wouldn’t use it as a way to know what kind of volunteer I need on my team.

Key statement: Jennifer Bradbury interviewed three veteran youth leaders and called it “No more Lone Rangers!” Mark Oesteicher (Marko) shared this, “I’ve found that bringing in a youth worker from another nearby church, who has expertise in youth ministry I don’t have, can be extremely valuable to my volunteers and very light-lifting to me.” Which was a huge idea for me and something that will happen this year for my sponsors.

Something creative: Marko suggested that getting books for your volunteers to read and discuss is important for any youth group. There is an excellent and creative grouping of books that YOUTHWORKER has suggested that goes with this idea in the “Resources for Working with Volunteers.” I think these are a good set of starter books for my volunteers.

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