Monday, July 14, 2008

MS Mission trip - Day 2

"Love Our Loud" serve - was today's theme here at Groupworkcamps and was it a serving day - oh my! I must admit that when I heard that our group was going to 2 mature adult homes I was a little nervous (OK I was a lot nervous) - how could our wonderfully energetic middle schoolers really click with these mature adults. Well I was put in my place and the Holy Spirit had his way in so many ways.

You can see from the pictures (just click on the picture above to see a slide show) and you can see the kids had a blast. Some statements from the group:

- I had so much fun
- that guy is really old but really cool
- we get to do this again tomorrow - YEA!
- Thank you for letting us serve
- Thank you for serving our mature adults (from the ladies we helped)

The day wasn't over after our service project. The boys and Lauren got a chance to serve the group by preparing, serving, and cleaning up dinner. Pulled pork and fruit - good stuff! The guys (and Lauren) really pulled together and got it all done with a smile.

A group of us got to hit the showers but when we got back the night was totally awesome. A couple of our kids got to help lead in worship (see pictures to see who they were). Then it was a very meaningful moment for the group as they got a chance to wash each other’s feet and think of what Jesus did.

After that wonderful time our youth group time blew me away. The group not only was moved by what they got a chance to be a part of but they also had a lot to say about it. They shared some great ideas of what we can do as a group back home to keep loving out loud when this mission trip is all over.

Thanks to all the parents and the people at NCBC that made it possible for us to go on this mission trip. It has already been well worth it.

Tomorrow it is another day of serving and then a get away time to the Mall of America and a local beach.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark - thanks for staying up late to post these - we appreciate it. Looks like an awesome trip so far. We are praying for you all.

Chris, for all the Leonards ... well, except the two that are with you :o)

Mark E. Eades said...

Thx Chris and from all of us (including the two we have) thx for sending us. It is a great trip. See you on Friday.

Abby Leonard said...

I miss this trip!!! Are there pictures of it up anywhere now?

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