Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Book report - Ophie out of Oz!

I've been asking my daughter to give me another book report on the books she has read and we finally did one together. We went on a pre-trip trip for our big summer trips and we got to read this book, "Ophie out of Oz!" Here is my 11 (soon to be 12) year old review of the book:

This book was about a girl name Ophie (short for Ophelia Peeler). She had everything in California - great friends, sunshine, and attention. But because of her dad's job they had to move to Oregon. There she was sad because she would always think about California and Lezzy (her best friend).

On the first day of school she meet Brittany and her sister. Brittany followed Ophie around and they would talk to each other. When they were in the theator they heard two girls singing. She told Brittany that they weren't very good and Robin (another girl in the story) over heard and told the two girls that were singing what Ophie said. It turns out that the two girls are the most popular in the school and they did commercials on T.V. A few days later Brittany tells Ophie that she likes a guy from Sunday School (Troy). Then when they go home Ophie writes a love letter to give Brittany ideas. Then she calls and Tana (Brittany sister) answers. Ophie tells Tana what she wrote and then Tana thinks that Ophie is trying to help Brittany so she accidently sends the message to Troy. Then Troy wouldn't write back to Brittany. So Ophie had to call Troy's mom to tell her it was her fault and after awhile she says, okay.

After a few weeks pass Ophie gets a package from her dad and it has a poster and a calendar about the Bailey Broz and they give Ophie comments on it. So, Ophie decides to bring it for show and tell. When she showed it everyone goes crazy and she turns out to be the new hit of the day. Soon she starts hanging around the T.V. girls and doesn't hang out with Brittany anymore. She didn't like being around them after a while. Shortly after that the class goes on a field trip and they go in to a live theater that talks about the 1860s. Brittany starts asking these weird questions and Ophie joins in. Then Ophie says something that the guy pretends to faint and then Ophie says that Brittany knows and does C.P.R. on the guy. After that the guy let's them sit on the corner of the stage and Ophie apologizes to Brittany for her behavior.

I liked this book because it shows how Ophie got persuaded into something so easily. Also how she fought through that.

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