Monday, March 10, 2008

Prayers this last month - Feb 08

This mouths prayers have been wonderful to read again. Again I want to only honor God with the life He has given me and do what is right with His truth He has entrusted to me.

Lord, I want to be all that you want me to be - send me out to where you want me to go and my I never look back.

Lord, open our eyes to see you through easy and hard times. We need you!

Lord, open my eyes to understanding what you have plan for me and may I do it - help me in my life - "line by line."

Lord, open my “heart eyes” to see Jesus in every aspect of my life, for you and you alone are hope.

Lord, help me to never create a squabbling family that disintegrates - my I be a servant leader that humbly serves his home and the ministry you have placed me.

Lord, may I be all you want me to be and may I give you my all.

Lord, may I be a story teller for you to share You.

Lord, may I be a useful tool in your hand - may you find me listening to Your instructions daily.

Lord, may I see your truth played out in my life today.

Lord, open my eyes to your perfect will so I might to my part to honor you.

Lord, my I get it and then lead it your way.

Lord, I'm sorry that I'm so self focused and concerned about myself - open my eyes to You and only You - take everything else away so that the focus of my heart’s eye will be on You.

Lord, my I come to you with a childlike faith for only in this mode am I really useable to you.

Lord, show me where I need to forgive and may I do it quickly.

Lord, my I share with all who will hear that we must put all our trust in you.

Lord, my I not assume anything but have faith in all of you.

Lord, I'm sorry that I do what I want to do - help me to embrace You in all of my life.

Lord, my you find me always seeking after you so you and you alone may be honored.

Lord, open my eyes to "everyone" that you want me to invite to the party.

Lord, I don't fully understand that "all will be with You (Matt. 22:30 MSG)" help my small mind grab what you want me to grab and that will be good enough for me.

Lord, open my eyes and mouth to share your truth because it is truth that lives in my heart not because I'm a literalists.

Lord, my you take the wind out of me so that I might keep a simple life for you.

Lord, may I never ever be a part of the line that spilled "righteous blood."

Lord, return when you are suppose to but my it be soon.

Lord, my you find me ready for you, always.

Lord, I'm sorry for being lazy so often and not staying eager and ready to do what you called me to do. Help me to see you even better today and stay ready.

Lord, my I take responsibility for my actions no matter if they are positive or negative.

Lord, I blow it so often right in front of you. I'm sorry God, forgive me and open my eyes to your truth all the days long.

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