Monday, January 07, 2008

Prayers this last month - Dec 07

This last month of 2007 was a very relax and enjoyable month. My simple prayers seem to reflect on that.

I've been asked where these prayers come from. They are just my simple prayers I say and type up after my daily time with the Lord.

I pray that these might be of use to you as they are to me:

Lord, thank you for sending your son, you are the one God.

Lord, I'm at a loss of how to be able to be the leader you wish me to be - I need you!

Lord, keep opening my mind and heart to your truths but may I be humble and simple as this happens so that you may receive all the glory.

Lord, my I be found taking care of my family members through the good and bad times - always!

Lord, may my life here be all about you and not about pennies.

Lord, may your grace abound in me.

Lord, open my eyes to see what I must run towards and may I run with everything I've got.

Lord, my life can be full of trouble and for you I'm willing to go through it. But Lord I still need you so bad. Help me pls.

Lord, I don't want to do anything to your word that isn't what you want it to say but I do want to make it simple for middle school kids to use and understand, help me Lord.

Lord, may my words and my acts be the same in your eyes and other's eyes.

Lord, my you find me being temperate, w/dignity and wisdom, may I have a healthy faith and love. May I endure all things for you.

Lord, help me to always be focused on you and not me. Be "I AM" in my life.

Lord, may the common faith we Christians have in You move us to do even more for your kingdom.

May I be sensitive to the that fact that You marked me to be your servant Lord, help me to love what is right and hate what is wrong.

Lord, you are the answer for all that we go through, help me to see You daily.

Lord, open my ears to hear everything I need to hear from you so that I might believe fully in all that you want.

Help me Lord to understand what I'm to understand, to know that you are always renewing me on a daily bases, thx God.

Lord, open my ears to hear your Word clearly. May I never get into the bad habit of not listening!

Lord, help me see your truth and heed it for myself. But may it not stop there, may I share it with the flock you have called me to love and give hope to.

Lord, thanks for sending Jesus to be higher than any human priest to take care of my sin.

Thanks God for being there for us - that you have set up life for us to get to know you firsthand.

Lord, pls keep working in my life that I might be all you want me to be.

Lord, help me to see your ways so that I might survive and trust you and not quit.

Lord, may you find me always seeking you in everything I say and do.

Lord, may I never sacrifice a lifelong gift for my short term appetite.

Lord, I want to honor you with all that I do - in my home and outside - help me Lord!

Lord, may I always come before you and keeping my life in check so that lust and sin will not take hold, ever.

Lord, open my eyes to see what I must see to honor you with this life - I don't want to be a corpse - help me be faithfully working for you.

Lord, help me to stand by keeping me on my knees.

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