Monday, October 22, 2007

Time away is a good thing

My wife (Lisa) and I got a chance this last week Thu, Fri, & Sat. It was a wonderful time. We had a chance to find 10 geocaches, enjoy some local food (click on picture to see a very short slide show), and got a lesson from God.

The geocaching was just fun and we were pretty tired after a full day of hunting around.

The food was nice and it was the place that God taught me a lesson.

The lesson was this - sometimes my righteous “spiritualness” isn't God's direction for me. We were eating and enjoy ourselves. We had a wonderful waitress and she took good care of us. Two gentlemen came after we were there and they ordered and started to talk with the waitress. In less than 2 minutes he had her "praying a pray" of acceptance of Jesus. I was not happy - "What was he thinking? does he care of this girl? does he know her? is this just another nonce in his spiritual belt?" I made the decision to talk with this young lady and find out a little more about her. I wanted to see if she has any connections to help her with this decision she just made. We got a chance to talk (she took a picture in the slide show for us) and I asked her about the decision she just made and if she had any "spiritual mentors" in her life? She said no and we were able to exchange email addresses. I walked out of there thinking - "There! Now that is how you share Christ with someone." But later as I was out geocahing with Lisa God gave me a quick smack in the face. "Would you have talked with her about her spiritual life if that gentlemen didn't have her pray that prayer?" Ouch! Lesson learned.

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