Monday, September 10, 2007

Prayers this month - August 07

This months prayers are from my study and reading of Acts. I found it very interesting that I prayed alot about being humble and not focusing on me. I really needed to read that again.

(personal note: once I get my pocket PC working right I will be taking these prayers with me for my daily prayer times. I want to soak in them more).

Lord, my I always remember (even when I'm alone) that you are always with me not matter what - thank you for forgiving me.

Lord, help me to win souls to you by developing real and trust worthy relationship w/those who don't know you.

Lord, if it be your will use me to unite people under you.

Lord, I want to come to you with all of me, may I be like Peter and willing to stand up to anything the world would throw at me.

Lord, may my life shine for you so much that people around me only can see you and not me.

Lord, I want to be like Stephen so that I might shine and only have eyes for You - Help me Lord, PLS!

Lord, work in my life to love people where they are no matter what, help me to see You in their eyes.

Lord, my I be like Barnabas in how he made himself your savant. Open my eyes to see you everywhere I go.

Lord, I want to be your instrument in sharing your truth through words and deeds. Don't let me get caught up with who does the sharing.

Lord keep me humble before you, my I be nothing and may you be everything.

Lord, may my life show no favoritism to anyone, but let it be open and gracious to anyone You bring into my life.

Lord, my I be a willing servant to follow you no matter what.

Lord I need to understand the sacrifice you call us to make better. You want me to take care of my #1 ministry - my family, but yet I see time and time again in scripture where family is sacrificed for you. Help me understand, use me to the fullest, may there be nothing left of Mark Eades on this earth when my time is done.

Lord may I be like Priscilla and Aquila to the middle school students, their parents, and sponsors. To share your truth as best I can. May I also be like Apollos and be ready to receive training and direction from those who you have equipped in areas I'm not equipped yet.

Lord, help me to be as bold and humble as Paul so that I might be a tool in your hands to bring you maximum glory.

Lord, help me to have the confidence of Paul. To be comfortable with knowing that my life will always be difficult but difficult for you is way better then comfortable without.

Lord, my I be slapped for you because I was serving you. I don't ask this to make me anything but a humble servant for you. May you get maximum glory and may I be only know as yours.

Lord, as a leader for you, I ask that you stay the focus of my life only. May I be a tool in your hand to make a difference in people's lives - that difference is You not me.

Lord, may I be as bold, humble, and wise to share your truth to whoever you place before me. I want to be your tool.

Lord, open my eyes to see how I might humbly share your truth with those around me.

Lord, may my door be always open and my I never stop learning more about you so I might "explain everything about Jesus" to my best ability.

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