Monday, September 03, 2007

Book Report – blue like jazz by donald miller

I don’t know who it was that recommended this book to me. I think it was Pastor Mark Forstrom but it could have been Pastor Tye Male all I know is it surprised me how much I related to it. I usually highlight and underline different parts of a book as I read it. I even will write “blog” beside some of my underlines to remind me latter to share my thoughts about what I read. But I really couldn’t do that in Donald Miller’s book “Blue Like Jazz” because it just didn’t feel like a book you should underline. I just enjoyed the whole book and wanted to think about the whole of the book instead of it’s different parts.

Donald (or Don as he writes in his book) talked a lot about his transformation from being an independent, self focused Christian to an other’s first Christian. He really lived this idea by being a part of places that were describe by some Christian’s as Hades. “They say the students at Reed (College) are pagans, heathens in the heart,” was how he describe a college he went to for some time. Yet when he was in these places he grew in his relationship with God more than any of his fundamental Christian up bringing he had as a child and youth.

He also talked about community and I found that the most interesting. I live in the wonderful city of Cedar Rapids, IA and I am in love with this community. I think it strange but also unique that we celebrate 5 seasons and that we have the Quaker oats plant that smells almost every time you drive by it (you can almost tell what type of cereal they are making by the smell). Don’s thoughts about community reinforces in my mind what I really thought was true. I love where God has placed me and I love Him even more because of this.

If you are a fundamentalist you really don’t want to read this book. I would have hated it 5 years ago but know I can agree with one of the descriptions on the back of the book. “’Blue Like Jazz’ is a fresh and original perspective on life, love, and redemption.” Read it!

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