Tuesday, August 07, 2007

He is 6 now

Today we took a young man who last Oct. made the ultimate decision to accept Christ as His Lord to Pump it Up for his B-Day. Nathaniel Mark Eades is and has been a wonderful blessing to our family. He has brought joy and shared so much of himself not only to us but to others.

He said tonight to one of the workers at Pump it Up, "this is the second greatest place to have a party."

The employee (a boy who will be a senior is sr hi this year), "where is the first place?"

Nathaniel said without skipping a beat, "Heaven is the best place to have a party!"

The senior boy asked my wife later where we go to church at and Lisa was able to tell him about New Covenant and about the sr hi youth group.

Wow! On his birthday Nathaniel shares God's love to someone he doesn't even know. We are so blessed.
- if you would like to see some pictures of the party please click on the picture above -

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