Friday, October 13, 2006

Nathaniel gets it

Today Oct 13, 2006 is yet another famous day for the Eades home. 5 years ago I was able to meet a gentleman by the name of Mark Forstrom the Youth Pastor of New Covenant Bible Church. On that day both Mark and I knew we had a destiny together to impact youth in Cedar Rapids, IA area. Then later that day my daughter (at the age of 5) came out when I was mowing the lawn to say she wanted to have Jesus as her Lord and savior. We looked through God's word together and my LLL (Lovely Little Lindsey) accept Jesus as her Lord. Now today my son Nathaniel (also 5) came to me this morning to say "I want to be a Christian." We spent some time talking over what that means and he gets the idea that Jesus is the one who died for his sin. At that point my BB (Baby Buddy)-Nathaniel Mark Eades asked Jesus to be his Lord of his life. PRAISE GOD!! There is much more I know for him and me to understand and grow together on. I'm looking forward to that growth.

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