Monday, May 07, 2007

Prayers this month - April 07

One of the categorize I used with my historical retreat is called prayers. Sometimes I put a simple prayer at the end of an explanation(s) when I'm reading and commenting on a verse(s) from God's Word. I wanted to post them here. I’m doing this so I can look at them later, for anyone to read, and possibly even comment on. I hope these prayer will give you (and me) hope and encouragement in our Lord:


Thank you Lord for allowing me to interact with your creation and see you work in their lives.

Lord help me be the instrument of your splashing, pls.

Lord you know me, you made me, help me through this, PLS!
Thank you God for filling us with your energy so we can do good ideas and acts of faith all for you.

Lord, teach me, I don't really care if it is new or old stuff I just want something to grip on to that brings you more glory, pls.
Lord help me in this area, I know that I'm weak and that I must have you guiding me. You made me to be able to not treat other like the "enemy" now help me to confront in love. Pls

Lord you know I do not deserve this honor but you have made it possible for me to do this. Thank you so much -- thx for saving me!

Lord help me keep simple, not overpowered by "wisdom," for You.
Lord help me to understand when to "guard" and when to "attack."

Lord, help me to learn.

Lord, I'm a sinner and I have sin forgive me so I might be pure, have energy, and be someone you can be proud of on this earth and after.

Lord, use me to the fullest so that you might be known.

Lord work in me to be an instrument in your hands to equip the middle school kids I have the privilege to minster to.

Lord, may these verses (Heb 2:17,18) be used to point middle school kids (and anyone else you want) to you soon.

Lord, I want to be quick off the gun when it is time for me to act for you. Help me surround myself with men/women who will keep me on my toes.

Lord, use this body of mine in whatever way you need it to work, use it until you say it is finished and then let my body die and take me home.

Lord, thank you for being our "guarantee."

Lord forgive me and use me today - I so need you.

Lord, help me to dig like I did today in your Word even more. I can't wait for the 1/2 day get away to see all of these ideas and pray to You. I love you God!

Lord, open my eyes to see how much I can trust you as well as the fact that you see all things.

Lord, help me to chew and to chew hard on this idea of faith.

Lord, what a thought, Thx.

Lord help me to understand your ways and not mine as I cannot, with this mind of mine, understand what you are doing. Help me to trust!

God thank you for pouring out your love and truth to us. That you are not deceitful, two-faced, or fickle like all other God's that man has made up.

Lord, you are all knowing and totally brilliant, You have given us examples of the faith which includes Rahab. Help me understand fully her example so that I might model for everyone that you put in front of me.

Lord, help me to live wisely for You.

Lord, keep my mouth tame and help me to share this idea with Middle Schoolers.

Lord, I want to go after the black sheep, the lost coin, the prodigal son. But how do you do that, the prodigal son's father waited but the widow and the shepherd went after their things. Where is the balance Lord, pls help.

Lord, you know me better than myself. You know that I believe in you and that isn't even a hard idea for me to accept. But you also know that I am a weakling - a total wimp - I really don't know if I will hold up if the day comes to stand for You. Please help me Lord, I want to be all I'm to be on this earth to bring you glory.

Lord, help me to see my wrong and being ok with what I need to be punished with to correct and learn from that. But also help me to be ok to be "punished" when I haven't done anything wrong but was doing what you want me to do.


Robin said...

Thanks Mark!

Pastormarkee said...

Your welcome and thx for reading

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