Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break starts

Today is the offical first day of spring break for my family. It was also one of the warmest days so far this year. We took advatange of having Lindsey home and the warm weather to go out a do some geocaching. What fun! We were able to finish a mult-cache that we had started a few months ago and 3 other regular caches. It was great to be outside, the kids got some good stash, and we got a chance to really enjoy each other. If you would like to see a few pictures of our outing click on the picture.


Anonymous said...

Isn't geocaching cool. My kids love it. We even took our middle schoolers up into the mountains to do some caching, they loved it.

Pastormarkee said...

Hey Steve thx for reading. Yes caching is a great family activity to do. I've also done some caching just with my wife for some personal time which has been wonderful.

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