Saturday, March 24, 2007

Book Report – What Matters Most by Doug Fields

This book, What Matter Most, is a short read (I read it in 2-3 hours) but it has a lot to say and it will be a resource that I can see myself turn to often. Andy Stanley wrote the forward to it. He said, “My observation is that the men and women who attempt to maintain an unsustainable pace are rarely aware of it. It could be you. And if so, this might be one of the most important books you ever read.” I don’t think I’m a person trying to sustain and unsustainable pace but this book will be a tool to remind me not to do ever become one.

The two big takeaways that I got from Doug’s book:

1) I need to be willing to say “no to ministry” sometimes so I can say yes to ministry that matters most. “You’re essentially paid to say yes to ministry, right? Yes. Except that if you’re getting paid to do ministry, you’re also expected – no, required – to have depth in order to lead, love, and care for people. Depth requires investment in your inner world.” This reminds me of the directives our elders have given the staff to have monthly spiritual get aways.

2) The other was a discussion Doug had at his first youth ministry with his sr. pastor. The sr. pastor said, “I can never slow down because the Devil never slows down.” That influenced Doug for many years. But later in his ministry life he realized that this was so untrue. He learned that, “The Devil never slows down? Oh well. The Devil isn’t my role model.” There are times that I must slow down and reflect on God. He is my only role model.

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