Friday, February 23, 2007

Going to lunch at different middle schools

I just got done spending my lunch time (plus more) going to lunch with a bunch of my jr hi youth from one of the local schools. It is awesome to be in their world and to see their reactions to me. Some get overly excited and want to introduce me to everyone in the school plus the teacher (and today even a janitor got to meet "my youth pastor"). Then there are those who see me, turn bright red, and might say hi. All of them get pummeled with questions from their friends, "who is that?" "what is he doing here?" "why?" and that is where the fun really begins. I get to have so many conversations with them after those questions come up. Today I got to talk about our announcement video we did wed night (see last post), mess fest (our big jr hi event), summer trips, school play (Aladdin this year), what class they are coming from and going to, and what type of pizza toppings they like. I love (are like) this age so much. Fun stuff!

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