Saturday, February 10, 2007

Feb 9, 2007 - NYM Conference cont.

After a long 4 hour drive (with 2 extra hrs for my wife) to get to Indy I’m here and have really got my money’s worth. I’ve got a chance to set down and share my first reason why I was here (see last blog entry about my reasons for coming) with Kurt Johnston and Scott Rubin (if you would like to check out there jr hi youth ministry web sites click on their names) both jr hi guys (sweet) as well as listen and talk with a number of youth guys in the country. It has been wonderful to just enjoy the time talking and sharing about ministry.

Lisa got here late because she took the boys to Ohio to spend the weekend with cousins and Lisa’s sister and brother-in-law. They are going to have a great time. When she got here she got to hear the final thoughts from Doug Fields that stood out to me the most so far. He was talking about our faith and said, “Faith is trusting with control” the idea that we need to let God have complete control of our lives, ministry, family, etc for us to truly be effective in ministry. What a thought and one I’m glad I heard.

During some talk time at the end of the night Lisa and I got a chance to meet Doug Fields and he wants to give Lisa something special for being at the conferences. Not sure what that is and Lisa is a little nervous that she will have to be in front of all these people at the conferences but we will see. We will find out tomorrow.

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