Saturday, July 22, 2006

Prayer request

Our Sr. Hi. Group at New Covenant Bible Church (NCBC) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa has left for another awesome Mexico trip where they will be building 3 more homes for people in Mexico (This will bring the total to 17 homes NCBC Sr. Hi has built). As of Thursday (July 20th) Lisa (My wife) was needed and decided to go on this trip. I’m so excited for her and I’m looking forward to the stories she will be sharing but it also brings up a big prayer concern for me and the kids (Lindsey 10, Nathaniel (soon to be 5) and Daniel (3)). We have never been away from mom this long before and we have some needs that we are looking for help with:
1) Please prayer for the Sr. Hi. Mexico team that Lord will be glorified in all that they do there in Mexico, that they will work as a team to build the homes, and that the memorize they will make will impact them is incredible ways.
2) Please prayer for me and the kids as we have never been away from mom this long before. I’m really excited to have this chance to spend with this kids but I have a lot of logistics to deal with while she is gone. I would like to make some family memories with the kids and any suggestions would be awesome.
3) I would like to do two major projects while she is gone and ask that you would be in prayer over them:
a. We have a huge dyeing tree in our front yard that we would like to get removed, stump removed, and a new tree put in its place.
b. I have a lot of base trim work that needs to be done on our main floor of our home and I need help knowing how to put trim down and help actually doing it.
It is so incredible to think that I have a wife that would be willing to sacrifice for our Lord this kind of time from her family and that I have a Church family abroad that I can ask for prayer like this and know that through it all God will receive all the glory and praise.

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